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Welcome to Braemoore!

Hello there!We are Braemoore. Our community as a whole has been around for quite a while as The Golden Age Gaming Community, so you may have seen us before as the Templars Of Khaz Modan & The Commonwealth on WoW, as well as the Systems Commonwealth on SWTOR and STO.We'd love to have you along for our journey as we begin building up our community. If you'd like to join, please contact one of our officers! [Information found on the Meet The Officers page.]

Discord Information

Our Discord is linked on the front page of this carrd, so please be sure to join us if you have or are intending to join our community.Most of our events do use Discord, especially for Raids and whenever we have story-driven RP scenes, for the sake of communication. So we highly encourage all of our members to join the Discord, both for announcements and the ability to more easily connect with friends and officers.

Basic Schedule of Events

Sunday - Officer Meeting
Monday -
Tuesday -
Wednesday -
Thursday -
Friday -
Saturday night -
Free nights are nights where we may or may not have an event. The only event that anyone would be required to go to would be Raid Nights if you are part of the Raiding Team. Outside of that, everything is considered optional for those not running the event.


While we've not begun any story-driven RP yet, we will be starting some social RP. However, when we do start doing story-driven RP, we do have our own rules and roll system that we will be implementing, so please keep an eye out for that!

RP Backstory

[This page is currently a WIP and will be updated soon]

Meet The Officers

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